Details of Insurance Package

Term of premium payment

20 Years

Term of Insurance

Attaining the age of 99***

Premium Payment Method


Health Check

Subject to the Company's regulations

Rider Purchase

Able to purchase according to the Company's regulations

Minimum Sum Insured

150,000 Baht

*of the initial sum insured
**For 16-65 years old
***In case there is no claim request according to the policy coverage



The case that the Company would not cover :

1. In case the insured conceals any truth or gives any false statement, the Company shall have the right to void the contract  within two years from the effective date of contract or the date of last reinstatement of the policy either from lapsation or conversion.
3. In the case the insured misstates their age and the Company can prove that the actual age on the date of contract is outside the premium limit according to the Company’s business practice.

Exclusions for Critical Illness Protection:

The Company shall not pay benefit under the coverage of this insurance policy due to these following causes.

1. Illness or surgery that are beyond the definition stated in this insurance policy and stated critical illnesses and surgery that the insured has before the insurance contract effective date, or  the reinstatement  date of  the policy either from lapsation or conversion, or within 90 days from the effective date or the last reinstatement date of  the policy either from lapsation or conversion, whichever is the latest.
2. Illness or surgery which is directly or indirectly affected from AIDS and HIV.