Muang Thai Smile Secretary Service

Muang Thai Smile Secretary Service Hits

A special service for a special you! Have your own personal secretary
Call or chat with your secretary who is ready to provide services 24 hours a day.

Special!! Muang Thai Smile Club members who are holders of a Platinum Prestige or a Pink Gold card can receive this privilege free-of-charge! Simply register by calling Tel. 1766, press 5. 

Muang Thai Smile Club members (Smile Card) can redeem 30 Smile Points by calling Tel. 1766, press 4, everyday, 24 hours a day, to receive the Muang Thai Smile Secretary Service for 1 year. Redemption can be done from today-31 December 2019.



Service Scope of Muang Thai Smile Secretary


Provide information, coordinate, arrange, appoint, inquire movie showtime and book movie tickets, facilitate other purposes as well as help remind important events so that you will not miss any valuable occasions of yours and your beloved persons.


Assist, coordinate with technicians to repair systems of electricity, air conditioning, water; or if you forget your house key, you can contact a technician to unlock your house. 


Facilitate you with travel information, booking hotels and package tour, and notify emergency news.


Help contact emergency roadside assistance for battery and tire. Make you feel at ease once emergency incident occurs on a road or expressway. 



Provide information, make an appointment, contact for hospitalization, transfer emergency patient. Make you feel relieved before arriving a hospital.


Give advice and mental health recommendation through telephone by a psychological specialist to clear up your concerns and stresses. You can rest assured that your information will be kept confidentially.  


Provide information about kids such as schools, tutorial schools, amusement parks, kids fashion, supplementary foods for kids in each age range, in order to selects good things for your children. Coordinate and provide medical emergency assistance both nationwide and abroad.


Provide basic information of pet health care, give advice on pet behavior, vaccination, pet foods, pet grooming shop and pet competition, pet home care, breeding center or pet funeral service so that you can know more about raising your adored pet. 

1. Personal secretary service….Muang Thai Smile Secretary will help coordinate with and search for service provider, and give practical information only. However, any incurred expenses from services chosen by customers, the customers will be fully responsible for it.
2. Muang Thai Smile Secretary service is FREE for Prestige and Platinum Muang Thai Smile Club members. Simply receive this privilege by registering at Tel. 1766, press 5 without using accumulated Smile Points (Muang Thai Smile Secretary service shall end once the status of Prestige and Platinum or policy ends.).
3. Muang Thai Smile Club members (who are not Prestige and Platinum members) are entitled to redeem 30 accumulated Smile Points for Muang Thai Smile Secretary service which is valid for 1 year (redemption period is from today – 31 December 2019, Tel. 1766, press 4.)  
4. Personal secretary service…Muang Thai Smile Secretary shall be invalid once life insurance policy ends. The Company reserves the right to change service provisions as deemed appropriate without prior notice.